About US
Home cleaning is a chore you will never have to worry about again. Our fully qualified professional staff will quietly and efficiently take over all the household jobs that take up your precious time. Bring your home up to shining perfection whilst giving you time to spend with family or friends, exploring new hobbies or simply enjoying your life and relaxing you deserve it!

Attention paid to the smallest detail

Clean and comfortable

Your satisfaction is in knowing that you are using a cleaning company that you can build a trustworthy relationship with. Your Super Maid will be happy to collect our customer feedback from you and bring it to our immediate attention.

British management with professional, well trained happy staff
Every Super Maid is smartly uniformed and has excellent personal hygiene
On-time service with no hidden extra transport fees for you to worry about
We give the best service and treat your possessions and home with the greatest of respect.

Cleaning To the rescue

We take direction from you as to what your exact cleaning requirements are; on every visit you are welcome to provide your Super Maid with a checklist of your personal cleaning requirements. If you are a regular customer we will retain information regarding your preferences.

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